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Jan 27, 2016

Making pet monitoring possible at any time, any place
- Commencing sales of non-contact monitoring system for use in animal clinics -

Today, ARKRAY, Inc. (Head Office: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, President & CEO: Takeshi Matsuda) has signed a sales collaboration agreement with the Japan Animal Referral Medical Center (Head Office; Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, President & CEO: Hidehiro Hirao) for the distribution of the pet monitoring system CLAIRVO. With sales commencing from February 2 (Tue), aimed towards animal clinics across Japan, we shall serve to support the front line of animal health care.

CLAIRVO, which shall be released by ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter, "ARKRAY"), is a system that allows for the monitoring of a pet's condition 24 hours a day, both from inside and outside of the animal clinic. The non-contact monitor, which employs a microwave sensor and infrared camera, is simply attached to the cage of the pet receiving treatment.

The sensor can capture the body motion, breathing rate and heart rate of the pet and monitor these factors. Through the use of an iPad or iPad mini connected to the clinic's Wi-Fi network, it is possible to view video of the monitored pet and related graphs. Furthermore, since pets can also be monitored through an Internet connection when outside the animal clinic, the system also serves as a useful tool for managing the condition of the pet whilst it is hospitalized.

With an aim of expanding our veterinary business, ARKRAY, Inc. signed a memorandum for the formal consideration of business collaboration with the Japan Animal Referral Medical Center (hereafter, "JARMeC") in August 2015 and together we proceeded with discussions for the business collaboration. With the release of CLAIRVO serving as the first step of this collaboration, we shall further enhance our partnership with JARMeC moving forward, and thereafter, continue to develop and provide new products and services with high-added value that are targeted towards pet owners and veterinarians working in veterinary medicine.

Main Features

•Non-contact monitoring of heart rate, breathing rate and body motion

By employing non-contact technology, there is no need to worry about wires getting tangled or disconnected. Furthermore, this also enables monitoring to be carried out without causing stress to the pet.

•Monitoring through real-time video capture

Through the utilization of the system's wide-angle lens, even the furthest reaches of spacious cages can be clearly checked when viewing video. With the employment of an illuminometer-equipped infrared camera, an automatic infrared mode allows the user to view the real-time video whenever the room is dark.


•Information can be checked both inside and outside the clinic

An iPad or iPad mini can be used to check information when inside the clinic, and a computer or smartphone can be used when outside.

•Monitoring of temperature and humidity

When attached inside the cage, it is possible to monitor the temperature and humidity in the cage. Any increase in temperature or humidity, which can arise as a problem in simplified ICU systems, can be quickly detected.

•Sharing of information through a 'virtual visit' function for the owner

It is possible for information sharing aimed towards the pet owner by using a 'virtual visit' function which enables access to the monitoring feed during a fixed time period that can be set as desired. Through this function the owner can check their pet's condition without having to actually travel to the clinic.

•Creation of discharge reports

The system allows for discharge reports to be created which can also be used for informed consent.

•Alarm setting

An alarm can be set for a desired threshold of each factor (heart rate, breathing rate and body motion), and the alarm message can be sent to a desired address.

Product Overview: CLAIRVO

Release date 2 February 2016 (Tue)
   Configuration Microwave Doppler sensor, illuminometer-equipped infrared camera, thermometer and hygrometer, mounting bracket, dedicated router
   Monitor items Heart rate, breathing rate, body motion, temperature, moisture Real-time video captured by illuminometer-equipped infrared camera
   Power supply AC100V (Uses included AC adapter)
   Power consumption Below 15W
   External dimensions 118 (W)×80 (H)×62 (D) mm (Excluding protruding section)
   Operation environment 0-30℃ (without condensation, unable to use in enclosed space)
   Wireless communication Wi-Fi (standard communication method)
   Camera Angles of view: Horizontal - 128o / Vertical - 93o / Diagonal - 170o Infrared light: Automatically activates based on surrounding brightness
Manufacturer and distributor Angles of view: Horizontal - 128o / Vertical - 93o / Diagonal - 170o Infrared light: Automatically activates based on surrounding brightness

*This product is not a medical device. Please refrain from using any heart rate and breathing rate measurement values for diagnosis as the device does not make accurate measurements.
This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc. (ARKRAY, Inc.'s distributor in Japan).
This product is only available in Japan and is not sold in other countries.

Overview of Japan Animal Referral Medical Center

Trading Name Japan Animal Referral Medical Center
Representative Hidehiro Hirao, President and CEO
Location 2-5-8 Kuji, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa
Phone 044-850-1320 (switchboard)
Establishment September 26, 2005
Number of Employees 149 (Entire group) *as of September, 2015
Corporate outline Operate an animal hospital specializing in secondary care that administers advanced medical treatments to dogs and cats