Urine Sediment Analyzer

Your reliable partner in urine sediment analysis

Bridge connection for AUTION MAX (AX-4060) and AUTION EYE (AI-4510)

Various functions readily available on the operation screen enabling intuitive operations

Compact footprint realized by simple transfer system

For easier identification of particle images

Useful Library (Atlas images*) as a standard function

Urine qualitative test results can be displayed together


Equipment configuration Instrument, sampler, computer, display, hand-held barcode reader and accessories
Measurement objects Urine
Reagents Sheath solution, washing solution
(for maintenance), control and calibrator
Measurement items Automatic classification items: 12 items
Red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), white blood cell clumps (WBCC), squamous epithelial cells (SQEC), non-squamous epithelial cells (NSE), hyaline casts (HYAL), unclassified casts (NHC), bacteria (BACT), crystal (CRYS), yeast (YST), mucus (MUCS) and sperm (SPRM)
Manual classification items:
Red blood cells: 2 items
Dysmorphic red blood cells (DRBC) and red blood cell clumps (RBCC)
Crystal: 10 items
Calcium oxalate crystal (CAOX), calcium phosphate crystal (CAPH), magnesium ammonium phosphate crystal (TPO4), leucine crystal (LEUC), uric acid crystal (URIC), calcium carbonate crystal (CACB), cystine crystal (CYST), tyrosine crystal (TYRO), amorphous salts (phosphoric acid, uric acid) (AMOR) and unclassified crystal (UNCX)
Casts: 6 items
Granular casts (GRAN), waxy casts (WAXY), RBC casts (RBCT), WBC casts (WBCT), epithelial casts (EPIC) and fatty casts (FATC)
Yeast: 1 item
Budding yeast (BYST)
Epithelial cells: 2 items
Renal tubular epithelial cells (REEP), urothelial cells (TREP)
Fat: 2 items
Fat (FAT) and oval fat body (OVFB)
Other categories: 5 items
Trichomonas (TRCH), inclusion cells (INCC), parasite (PARA), artifact (ART) and unclassified (UNCL)
Measurement time 45 seconds/test (Excluding cases in which large numbers of formed elements are present or in the case of control measurement)
Warm-up time Maximum 10 minutes (Duration after the power is turned ON.
The warm-up time is extended if a readjustment process is added during startup.)
Measurement principle Flow cell digital imaging
Measurement wavelength 430 ~ 650 nm
Compensation function and others Abnormal value display, warning display
Calibration method Focus adjustment with calibrators (automatic calibration)
Consumption of consumables Sheath solution consumption: 21 [mL/test] or lower
(excluding cases of additional washing)
Processing speed Maximum 80 measurements/hour
(Excluding cases of additional wash and automatic dilution)
(Maximum 106 measurements/hour is possible when no mixing mode.
If you prefer no mixing mode, contact your distributor.)
Required sample volume Minimum 2 mL
Sample container Sample tubes
(length: 95 - 110 mm, diameter: Φ14.0 - 15.8 mm)
Sample container loading capacity One-way transportation Maximum 50 samples Loop transportation
Maximum 100 samples
Extended sampler mode Maximum 200 samples(Optional)
(Original 50 samples + additional 150 samples)
Printer Printer (connected to the computer) (optional)
Memory capacity Measurement results (Normal) : 10000 tests*
Measurement results (QC) :1000 tests
Trouble list : 100 items
Operation history: 3000 items
Maintenance history : 1500 items
Consumables replacement history : 300 items
External output Communication with dedicated form
CSV output
Communication specifications Ethernet
Measurement environment Temperature: 15 to 30 ℃, Humidity: 20 to 80% (No condensation)
Dimensions 530 (W) × 600 (D) × 650 (H) mm (including the sampler)
530 (W) × 200 (D) × 135 (H) mm (sampler only)
Weight Analyzer (with the sampler) : Approx. 57 kg
Sampler : Approx. 4 kg
Power 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
(Including fluctuations of ±10%)
Power consumption Maximum 600 VA (analyzer only) 300 W (Computer)

*Design and specification may be changed without prior notice.


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