Urine test strips
AUTION Sticks 10EA

  • ARKRAY know how and expertise
    More than 20 years of knowledge and experience go into every ARKRAY product, which is why the ARKRAY name is associated with advenced, high-speed, automatic urine analyzers at hospitals and labs throughout Japan. Using only the best raw materials available and an extremely efficient quality control system, superb reproduction with very low variatioin is guaranteed.
  • Supremely accurate urine test strip
    This versatile test strip goes for both visual measurement and automated instrumental measurement. In either method, the result shows optimal accracy in each test item. With a unique arrangement of reagent pads, cross-contamination is effectively prevented. In addition, AUTION Sticks, with a blank pad on each test strip, ensure high precision even with measurements of colored urine, as the blank pad compensates for coloring which be caused by colored urine.
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