Glucose Measuring System
thinka BS-7110

Blood glucose meter dedicated for animal use that quickly provides highly reliable data with a micro sample amount

Ease of use


Easy operation


High accuracy

Measurement values specific to animal care

Measurement accuracy is enhanced by adding calibration curves for canine and feline.

Hematocrit correction

Correction of hematocrit values is performed automatically for accurate calculation of test results.

Temperature correction

Correction of environmental temperature effects on test results is performed automatically on the meter. Maintenance work is also reduced.

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Meter specifications

Sample Whole blood
Target animal type Dogs and cats
Measurement items Glucose
Measurement principle Amperometric enzyme electrode method
Reaction time 5 seconds after detecting a sample
Required sample volume 0.3 µL
Measurement range 10 to 600 mg/dL
Memory capacity 500 test results
External output USB cable (not included)
Measurement environment Temperature: 8 to 40℃,
Humidity: 20 to 80 %
Dimensions 50(W) × 84(D) × 17.6(H) mm
Weight Approximately 47 g
Power supply 3V lithium battery (CR2032) × 1
Battery life Approximately over 2,000 measurements
*This number may vary depending on the usage.
Test strip thinka BS-SENSOR

*Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice

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