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Jun 13, 2016

Presentation at the 16th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
- Beauty enhancement capability of mixed herb extract confirmed through human clinical study -

ARKRAY, Inc. presented that the AG Herb MIX, a mixed extract of 4 herbs (camomile, dokudami, hawthorn berry and grape leaf), can suppress the browning and yellowing of skin in middle-aged and elderly women, as well as improve their complexion, at the 16th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY') provided a presentation about the anti-glycation and beauty enhancing effects of the AG Herb MIX at the "16th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine" (10 to 12 June 2016, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture).
AG Herb MIX is a food material that ARKRAY developed with anti-glycation positioned as a goal. With the conclusion of a recent human clinical study, the reduction of a glycation marker was confirmed, which suggests that the product plays a role in providing anti-glycation and beauty enhancing effects.
In this human clinical study using AG Herb MIX this is the first time ever that beauty enhancing effects have been confirmed with a low level intake (100 mg/day).

Overview of Research Presentation

Lecture title: Evaluation of anti-glycation and beauty enhancing effects following intake of mixed herb extract
Presenter: Mr. Hiroshige Kawai (Karada Lab, Inc.*1 (subsidiary of ARKRAY, Inc.))
Date: 11 June (Sat) 16:15 - 17:00 (Poster session)

Summary of Research

Having picked up glycation (Maillard reaction)*2 as a factor in diabetic complications and aging, ARKRAY conducted screening of natural products that contain anti-glycation properties. After discovering a mixed extract of 4 types of herbs (camomile, dokudami, hawthorn berry and grape leaf) has a high level of activity, we developed it into a functional food material and started selling it.
Up until now the product's contribution to anti-glycation and anti-aging had been confirmed through various types of evaluation, ranging from basic testing such as test tube and animal testing through to human clinical studies.

On this occasion, ARKRAY conducted a new human clinical study regarding the skin enhancing and anti-glycation effects of the product. In research surrounding skin enhancement, there are reports which state that carbonylation*3 of skin proteins plays a role in the yellowing and lowered translucence of the skin. Reports also state that carbonylation has a deep involvement with glycation. With middle-aged and elderly women (aged 40 to 64) as the target ARKRAY conducted a double-blind parallel-group*4 study focusing mainly on beauty enhancing evaluation for the utility of the mixed herb extract (test sample group: 12 persons; placebo group: 12 persons). As a result, it was confirmed that with a low level intake of 100 mg/day, browning (melanin index, brown spots) and yellowing (b**5 color scale) were suppressed and the complexion of cheeks (saturation degree of blood oxygen) was improved. Furthermore, due to reduction in the glycation marker 3-Deoxyglucosone*6, it is considered that the control of glycation is connected to improvement of the skin's condition in terms of browning and yellowing.
The content of this presentation is the result of collaborative research with Professor Masayuki Yagi from the Glycation Stress Research Center, Faculty of Life and Medical Studies, Doshisha University.

Upcoming Developments

ARKRAY shall continue to obtain new evidence about the usefulness of AG Herb MIX and widely disseminate it. Furthermore, we shall proceed with research and development of new functional food materials and continue to contribute to the health, beauty and age-care of people.

Reference Information

The 4 herbs contained in AG Herb MIX


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Previous society presentations about AG Herb MIX (examples)

Society (date) Presentation details

7th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
(June 2007)

Lecture topics:
"Utility of mixed herb extract containing anti-glycation properties in diabetic patients from an anti-aging perspective" and "utility evaluation of mixed herb extract through double-blind parallel-group study targeted on diabetic patients"

Collaborative research was conducted with the Anti-Aging Research Center of Doshisha University and Okayama University of Science, with an intake test (double-blind parallel-group study) of the mixed herb extract conducted on a diabetic patient sample group. As a result, in the sample group that consumed the mixed herb extract, it was confirmed that there was a significant decrease in CML (carboxymethyllysine), one of the AGEs (advanced glycation end products) in the blood. Through this, it came to light that there is not only a benefit for diabetic patients to consume the mixed herb extract, but from an anti-aging perspective there is also a benefit for individuals who have high glucose levels.

10th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
(June 2010)

Lecture topics:
"Utility of mixed herb extract and capsule-type food product based on traditional herbal medicine
-Glycation control through continued intake-

The intake of mixed herb extract and a capsule-type food product, containing a combination of ginger and Japanese pepper, controlled the accumulation of AGEs in the skin, improved skin elasticity and also led to an improvement of subjective symptoms. This result suggests that the products are useful from an anti-aging perspective.

ARKRAY's functional food materials

By effectively using the technologies and know-how accumulated through research and development of diabetes test instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents, ARKRAY entered the functional food materials market in 2006. We conducted research mainly on functional constituents contained in herbs and citrus fruits. The AG Herb MIX, which launched in 2006, contains anti-glycation properties and is used as a constituent of many products such as beauty supplements. The remaining products that make up the total 4 materials in our line-up are Biletin (Shiikuwasha extract), Rapten (Citrus hassaku extract) and Cryptobeta (Satsuma mandarin extract).


1) Karada Lab, Inc. is a company in the ARKRAY Group that undertakes research, development and sales of functional food materials.

2) A type of chemical reaction between sugar and protein that occurs as aging or diabetes advances. In recent years it has also come to be considered as a risk factor for senescence.

3) The general term used to describe non-enzymatic reactions of proteins with carbonyl compounds, due to glycation or oxidation. It is said that through this reaction proteins lose their intrinsic functions.

4) A method of clinical study. 'Double-blind' refers to a testing method in which both the test subjects and the test staff are not informed of which samples consumed are the actual test samples and which are a placebo. 'Parallel-group study' in this case refers to a comparison method in which testing is conducted simultaneously on the 2 groups; the sample test group and the placebo group. It is acknowledged as a highly reliable method.

5) L*a*b* color space is the most popular color model today for representing the color of objects and is used is many different fields. The higher the numerical value for b*, the stronger the shade of yellow.

6) An intermediate for AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which has a high level of carbonylation reactivity.

This product only be sold in Japan.