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Jul 26, 2016

Responding to increased demand in Russia
- Expansion of Russian factory and commencement of urine test strip production -

ARKRAY, Inc. has expanded its Russian factory, ARKRAY LTD, and shall newly commence production of urine test strips in addition to the existing production of blood glucose meters and sensors. By promptly supplying products in Russia and to the neighboring countries, we shall respond to expected increases in demand and market needs, and expand business.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY') has expanded its Russian factory, ARKRAY LTD. and has newly commenced production of urine test strips. A ceremony was held on the morning of 25 July local time to celebrate the first shipment of the new products.

ARKRAY LTD. was established in Dubna City near Moscow in the Russian Federation as an R&D and manufacturing facility, and has been in operation since June 2013. Since its establishment, the factory has been undertaking the development and manufacture of blood glucose meters and dedicated sensors.
By expanding the production area and commencing production of urine test strips, it shall be possible for us to ensure the stable and prompt supply of high quality products. In addition to responding to the wide-ranging needs for treatment in Russia, moving forward we shall also supply to neighboring countries and diversify the range of production items, which shall enable us to further expand business.

ARKRAY has 9 production facilities in 7 countries: Japan (Shiga, the mother factory), China (Shanghai and Pinghu), the Philippines, India, the U.S. (Minnesota), UK and Russia, and distributes products in over 80 countries. ARKRAY shall continue to increase production capacity at each facility, build up a more efficient production system and strengthen customer services so as to quickly provide products that meet the needs and trends in each market around the world.

Overview of ARKRAY LTD.

Company name ARKRAY LTD. (OOO "20160726_e.png")
Address 4, Programmistov St., Dubna, Moscow Region 141983, RUSSIA
tel: +7-499-703-34-92  fax: +7-496-219-10-14
Business description Development and production of self-monitoring blood glucose meters and sensors, urine test strips (new production item)
Factory scale 839 ㎡ (Expanded area 267 ㎡)