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Jul 28, 2016

- Aiming to accelerate promotion of correct understanding toward diabetes - Starring Mr. Iwata of the Hanshin Tigers and featuring a message to diabetic children and their families
- Release of "Let's make our dreams come true, together. Living with type 1 diabetes."! -

ARKRAY, Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Nakagyo-ward), a manufacturer of clinical test devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents, and Mr. Iwata of the Hanshin Tigers launched IWATA PROJECT 21 together to provide support to diabetic patients. As part of the project, an educational movie "Let's make our dreams come true, together. Living with type 1 diabetes." has been created. It shall be accessible from today, 28 July (Thu), at the official website for IWATA PROJECT 21.

Mr. Minoru Iwata (Hanshin Tigers)


A scene from the movie

Mr. Iwata, a successful baseball player who has type 1 diabetes, together with ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY'), launched IWATA PROJECT 21 in May 2011. The project provides support for social exchange between Mr. Iwata and diabetes patients, including their friends and family.

As part of this project, ARKRAY created an educational movie "Let's make our dreams come true, together. Living with type 1 diabetes." together with Mr. Iwata. In addition to Mr. Iwata, Ms. Natsuki Kibe, a professional Go (board game ) player who also has type 1 diabetes and Professor Tatsuhiko Urakami, a specialist in pediatric diabetes treatment from the pediatrics department in Nihon University Hospital, also appear. Together they provide a message and cheer on for children with type 1 diabetes and their families.

The cause of type 1 diabetes is considered to be an autoimmune disorder and a key characteristic is that the disease widely develops during childhood. This sets it apart from type 2 diabetes, which is influenced by daily lifestyle. However, the current situation is that many people in society mix up the two types of diabetes and substantial progress has not been made toward improving awareness and understanding of the disease. Through this movie, Mr. Iwata and Ms. Kibe share their experiences and feelings first hand, and Professor Urakami provides information on type 1 diabetes. Thus, the movie shall serve to promote the correct understanding toward diabetes.

The movie shall be accessible from today, 28 July 2016, at the official website for IWATA PROJECT 21.

Through IWATA PROJECT 21, ARKRAY will continue to cultivate knowledge of diabetes, promote a deeper understanding of the environment surrounding diabetes and support both patients of diabetes and their families.

Special features

Title Let's make our dreams come true, together. Living with type 1 diabetes.
Content Directed towards promoting correct knowledge and understanding toward type 1 diabetes, the movie features appearances by professional baseball player Mr. Minoru Iwata, professional Go player Ms. Natsuki Kibe and pediatric diabetes specialist Professor Tatsuhiko Urakami.
Duration 26 min 42 sec
Location IWATA PROJECT 21 Official Website (Support website for Mr. Iwata

Introduction of speakers



(Professional Baseball Player) Hanshin Tigers

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the winter of second year at high school. Continued to hold on to his goal while confronting the disease and realized his dream of becoming a professional baseball player by joining the Hanshin Tigers after graduating from university. He is a figure who provides enormous courage to children with diabetes.

He was in the roster of the Japan teams at the 2009 WBC tournament and the 2014 MLB Japan All-Star Series.



(Professional Go Player) The Nihon Ki-in

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during fourth year of elementary school. Although she developed the disease, she aimed to become a professional Go player and joined the dojo of Mr. Kazunari Fujisawa. She achieved her goal of becoming a professional player upon emerging victorious in the women's recruitment exam of the Nihon Ki-in in 2012. She is currently active as a 2-dan player.



(Pediatrics Dept., Nihon University Hospital) Nihon University Hospital

Treats children with type 1 diabetes at the pediatrics department in Nihon University Hospital as a pediatric diabetes specialist. In his position as chairman of the Pediatric Diabetes Committee in the Japan Diabetes Society he undertakes various activities to increase awareness and promote correct knowledge of type 1 diabetes.

Special features

IWATA PROJECT 21 - Other Related Activities

◯ Children's Diabetes Summer Camp - Send a message of support to Mr. Iwata

In this event, children with type 1 diabetes who participate at the 'Children's Diabetes Summer Camp' will be able to send a message card to Mr. Iwata expressing their support and Mr. Iwata will send back a video message as a reply.

Schedule: July - September 2016

*Children's Diabetes Summer Camp

This is a summer camp which is attended by children who have type 1 diabetes. By participating in this summer camp the children are able to gain valuable experiences such as acquiring knowledge and skills required for carrying out glycemic control independently and having the chance to make new friends. The summer camp is held in 47 locations across Japan and has more than 5,000 participants every year, comprising of approximately 1,0000 children and more than 4,0000 staff members. Having launched in 1963 in Japan, the summer camp now has a history of more than 50 years.

◯ Koshien Liner Vision

The ribbon-LED equipped 'Liner Vision' message-board at Koshien Baseball Stadium will be used to cheer on for Mr. Iwata.

Schedule: 8 April - 19 September, 2016
At all games to be held by the Hanshin Tigers within the Central League - All 62 matches to be held at Koshien Baseball Stadium (To be displayed 124 times)

* Rain or other adverse conditions may lead to an extension to the schedule of this promotional activity.