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Apr 04, 2016

Simultaneously Measures 7 Items related to Oral Care
- New Release of 'Saliva Testing System'-

ARKRAY, Inc. will release SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910, the saliva analyzer to check the oral environment, and its testing kit ST Check on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. This innovative saliva testing system measures 7 items including 'risk of cavities, 'risk of gum disease', and 'oral hygiene' within 5 minutes.

In recent years, a connection has been demonstrated between the oral environment and various internal disorders such as diabetes, which makes the oral care important not only for local ailments within the oral cavity but also for the perspective of preventing ailments in the whole body. Taking these new indications into consideration, ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter, ARKRAY), took a closer look at the relationship between troubles in the oral cavity and saliva and developed a testing system that measures multiple items using saliva as its sample.

The saliva testing system being released by ARKRAY tests saliva sample using the specialized analyzer SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910 and the testing kit ST Check to simultaneously measure 7 items deeply related to troubles within the oral cavity within 5 minutes. Measurement results are visualized on a radar chart allowing customers to understand their oral condition, which is often difficult to recognize on one's own through the objective data.

This is the first product developed by ARKRAY in the oral care domain and we will make proposals for oral care using this system to dental clinics, pharmacies, drugstores and health screening centers.

ARKRAY will continue to engage in new product and service development using its fundamental technologies to expand its range of business.



◯ Simultaneously measures multiple items

One test can measure 7 items that are deeply related to troubles in the oral cavity.

• Streptococcus mutans
Measures metabolic activity of Streptococcus mutans and other bacteria within the oral cavity

• Acidity and buffering capacity
Measures the acidity and buffering capacity (the saliva's ability to neutralize acids) of saliva. In general, if the saliva can easily turn acidic, cavities are considered more likely to occur.

• Occult blood, white blood cells and proteins
Measures the red blood cells, white blood cells and proteins present in saliva. These items may be detected in the saliva in the presence of gum diseases due to bleeding within the oral cavity.

• Ammonia
Ammonia is said to exist in saliva relative to the total bacteria count in the oral cavity. Measuring ammonia in the saliva estimates the bacteria level within the oral cavity.

◯ Easy Operation and Rapid Measurement
Easily operated by simply dropping the sample on the test strip and pressing the start key.
Measurement results can be obtained after 5 minutes.

◯ Easily Understandable Results
Measurement results are visualized in an accessible radar chart format.
In addition comments can be added using a specialized software program.

◯ Compact and Lightweight
The analyzer fits in the palm of a hand and can be installed without taking up a lot of room.
Also the 430 g lightweight design allows easy transport.

Examination procedure

Measurement results can be produced simply and rapidly using the 3-step saliva test.


Sample result display


Overview of SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910>

Name The saliva analyzer SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910
Release date April 05, 2016 (Tue)
   Meas. target Liquid spit out after rinsing mouth
   Meas. items Streptococcus mutans, acidity, buffering capacity, occult blood, white blood cells, protein and ammonia
   Meas. principle Dual-wavelength reflectance method
   Meas. wavelength 565/635/760 (nm)
   Test strip type ST Check
   Test time 5 minutes
   Start-up time Maximum 30 seconds
   External output USB
   Meas. environment conditions Temperature: 10℃ to 30℃, humidity: 30 to 60% RH (non-condensing), altitude: under 2,000 m
   External dimensions Width 160 mm × Depth 105 mm × Height 51 mm
   Weight 430 g (approximate)
   Power source USB (DC 5V)

Sales except Japan to be determined.
This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc.
ARKRAY Marketing, Inc. is ARKRAY's marketing supervision entity for Japan.