Automatic Osmometer

The OM-6060 measures the osmotic pressure of body fluids such as blood serum, plasma and urine.

Noise-free and accurate measurement using Freezing-point depression

Micro sample volume

  • Required sample volume: only 200 μL

Free calibration

  • 3-point calibration
  • 2-point calibration
  • Calibration data is memorized unless the power is turned off

Various measurement modes

  • Osmotic pressure ratio measurement
  • Control measurement


Measurement objects Blood serum, plasma, and urine *1
Measurement items Osmotic pressure and osmotic pressure ratio of body fluid
Measurement range 0 - 2000 mOsm (Switchable to "0 - 2500 mOsm"*2)
Measurement principle Freezing-point depression using ultra supercooling
Sample supply Turntable unit
Measurement precision CV 1 % or less (200 - 300 mOsm)
Processing speed 2 to 3 minutes per sample
Sample consumption 200 μL
Required sample volume Minimum 200 μL (500-μL sample cup),
Minimum 2 mL (o.d. 12.3 × height 100 mm sample collection tube)
Sample container 500-μL sample cup, sample collection tube (o.d.12.3 × height 100 mm)
Number of measurement samples Maximum 24 samples
Calibration 3-point calibration (0, 300, 1000 mOsm : polygonal line approximation),
2-point calibration (any 2 points : logarithmic curve approximation)
Display 24-digit by 2-line LCD
Built-in printer 58-mm width thermal printer paper (24 digits)
Memory capacity 500 measurement results
External output Compliant with RS-232C standard (Compatible with OM-6050, OM-6040, OM-6030, and OM-6020) Ethernet (option)
Measurement environment Temperature: 10 - 30°C; Humidity: 20 - 80% RH (No condensation)
Dimensions 320 (W) × 460 (D) × 447 (H) mm (With turntable unit attached)
Weight Main body: 18 kg, turntable unit: 3 kg
Power requirements 100 - 240 V AC (Max. power line fluctuation of ±10 %), 50/60 Hz
Power input Maximum 160 VA


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